Cugman, Cagyan de Oro City, 9000
+63 88 855-2125

Business Profile:

Founded in 1980 in the bustling city of Cagayan de Oro, Alwana and AJ have responded to the international concern for environmental protection and sustainable development. Many of their products are made of recycled materials, thereby helping save the forest. Some of these products are parquet floors, ply board and briquettes. Engage in the wood processing and recovery of lumbers (Kiln Drying, Machining, Dimension Softwood, and Finger Jointing) specialized Mouldings, Joinery and Millwork (Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Furniture) and other interior wood works.

Key Process:

Advanced Technology and processing have improved the quality of ply board. These include innovations in wood preparations, press technology, and sanding techniques.

Wood Preparation:

In producing Ply board and Furniture begins with the selection and refinement of the raw materials. The materials are categorized into wood grading and then come with a selection of good quality of woods. The materials are separated into a large chunks and small flakes. Flakes are separated into sawdust and wood chip piles.

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